"Before I Joined Toumde, I was working in a gas station then I worked in construction. I was referred by a good friend of mine that successfully completed the program and landed a job. During the training, I was amazed about the quality of the training and the preparation for the IT professional market. I was thankful for the staff for holding my hand during the interview process and salary negotiation. Today I work as an IT project Manager, and I thank Toumde Academy for helping me find my pathways to a fulfilling career."
“I had just dropped out of school and was working with a delivery company. I learned about Toumde from a friend and immediately signed up for their IT training. Toumde Academy ignited my passion in IT and prepared me for a successful Network Engineer career with Google. I truly believe their mentorship training made a difference in my life.”
"As a family man, it was challenging for me to work Night Shift and spend time away from my wife and my kids. I have been on the lookout for better opportunities. I was referred to Toumde Academy by a family member and I immediately found new hope in finding a job. The staff at Toumde Academy was kind enough to accommodate my schedule for my missed classes due to a hectic work schedule. I really believe Toumde puts people first. Thanks to their training and Mentorship, Today I am a Network engineer with Microsoft. "
"Upon graduating with a college degree in Computer sciences, I went through countless interviews and I was desperately looking to apply my skills in the real work. After a couple of years of unsuccessful trials, I learned about Toumde Academy and I was interested in learning new skills. I signed up for their Network engineering track. I particularly like their Hands on labs and I learned new skills during the process. Today, I work as a Network Engineer thanks to Toumde Academy. I couldn’t have done it without the training and Mentorship."
Miss Grace