Important Definitions about Cloud

What is cloud?

Cloud is a collection of computers (mostly, physical servers) that are connected over the internet and are used to provide on-demand resources or services.

Cloud computing service models

Software as a Service (SaaS)
SaaS is the most common option for private users. SaaS is hosted by the vendor or service provider where applications are made available to users over the internet.With SaaS, users can subscribe and pay monthly fees.
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
The IaaS service model is recommended for businesses that require increased security and need control over the infrastructure. Users can rent their entire IT infrastructure from a service provider and pay based on usage. This includes servers, storage, networks, and operating systems. It is the preferred model for small businesses.
Platform as a Service (PaaS)
It is a service model that provides a facility for users to publish and customize software applications in a hosted environment. PaaS allows developers to create applications faster without the need to configure the infrastructure.The service provider has its hardware and software keeping the user from installing it to implement a new application.

Cloud Deployment models

Public Cloud:
In the public cloud model, you have all your hardware rented from a cloud provider. It helps you cut costs and you can scale out your IT resources based on demand. The data center is owned and maintained by the cloud provider. You have limited control over your resources because you don’t own anything.
Private Cloud:
Private cloud is also known as On-Premises Data center and is entirely dedicated to a single company. The company has full control over everything. The company owns and maintains its private cloud.
Hybrid Cloud:
Hybrid cloud is used by most companies and it is a combination of public and private cloud.

Benefits of cloud

  • Cost effective
  • On-demand self service
  • Resources available on Network
  • Online development and Deployment tools
  • Manipulate and configure apps online
  • High efficiency, reliability and flexibility